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2, Better tap density of magnesium oxide can increase elongation 1%.

3, Very low magnetic content. Magnetic content of magnesium oxide from other China suppliers is between 200ppm~600ppm. Our new powder is <60ppm. After test, our new products can increase life time of heating elements 20%.

4, After two times high temperature calcination, there is no organic impurities.

5, Moisture content of fused magnesium powders from other China suppliers is ≥0.08%, or even ≥0.1%. Our new powder is less than 0.03%.

6, Low hydration rate means fused magnesium oxide powder has very slow moisture absorption.

7, Bending and hipot decay is lesser. Low sintering index of new magnesium oxide powders helps to increase Dielectric Strength of heating elements.

In general, compared with normal fused magnesium oxide powder from other China suppliers, our new products have better electrical performance. Application to heating elements > 2.5 meters, insulation and dielectric strength improve obviously.

Jiashun company is focusing on continuous changing demands of customers. In 2015, we invested 12 millions in a new and advanced production line. This new line can produce higher performance fused magnesium oxide, but with lower cost.

1, new fused magnesium oxide powder has better particle shape. With this particle shape, the powder has better tap density and flow rate which can avoid damage to resistance wire when rolling elements.

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