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HPPS series of mgo, magnesium oxide powder
Chemical composition of HPPS series magnesium oxide powder
Leakage current of HPPS series magnesium oxide powder

JS-HPPS is moisture proof electro fused magnesium oxide powder. It is used for manufacturing hot plate. JS-HPPS has great moisture proof performance. After forming, we suggest drying process at 200-400C for 2-4 hours.

Remark: Contents of +425 µm and -45 µm are controlled tightly. In order to acquire needed tap density and flow rate, other contents will be adjusted. (Custom-made for special specifications).

Tap density: T.D.(g/cm3):≥2.30 g/cm3

Package:  25KG/Carton, 1MT/pallet; Ton bag; Plastic bucket

Safety and storage:
Electro fused magnesium oxide is non-toxic, but with tiny amount of dust. We suggest to use mask and gloves in application. Magnesium oxide powder should be stored in dry places. Storage time suggested is less than 12 months after delivery.