M-series is special high temperature electro fused magnesium oxide with new research and development. It is used for manufacturing air heating elements without high temperature heat treatment (1050C annealing). M-series can stand 750C air heating temperature. Compared with normal high temperature magnesium oxide powder from other China suppliers, M-series has following quality advantages.

1, Very good moisture proof performance
Insulation of high temperature electro fused magnesium oxide from other suppliers can come to 1000MΩ only. Some of them have no moisture proof performance.
Insulation of M-series can come to 2000MΩ.
Without sealing, after Humidity test (humidity 92%, 50C) 72 hours, there is no decline of insulation. With good moisture proof performance, we can improve production cycle; lower requirements of sealing materials. Simple sealing with common silicone.

2, very good high temperature resistance
Application temperature can be up to 750C. High temperature electro fused magnesium oxide powder also has moisture proof performance.

3, Low dust
It makes good surroundings when filling powder.

Leakage current of M series magnesium oxide powder
Chemical composition of M series magnesium oxide powder

Remark: Contents of +425 µm and -45 µm are controlled tightly. In order to acquire needed tap density and flow rate, other contents will be adjusted. (Custom-made for special specifications)

Tap density: T.D.(g/cm3):2.30-2.45 g/cm3, Flow rate:(F.T. s/100g):  35±4
(F.R. s/100g): 175±20

Package:  25KG/Carton, 1MT/pallet; Ton bag; Plastic bucket

Safety and storage:
Electro fused magnesium oxide is non-toxic, but with tiny amount of dust. We suggest to use mask and gloves in application. Magnesium oxide powder should be stored in dry places. Storage time suggested is less than 12 months after delivery.

M series of mgo, magnesium oxide powder
Electrical specifications of M series magnesium oxide powder

M-series is moisture proof high temperature electro fused magnesium oxide powder (moderate or heavy silicone treatment). There are five different grades. M-series is used for manufacturing moderate-high temperature air heating elements. M-series is unadvisable to do high temperature heat treatment, such as 1050C annealing. M-series has very good moisture proof performance. We suggest simple sealing. Before sealing, we suggest dry process at 200-350C to elements.

Test Conditions:
Tube material: SUS304, φ8.0×0.5, Length 500, resistance wires: 0Cr25AL15, φ0.35mm, coil diameter φ2.3mm
Shrink tubing: 8.0→φ6.6mm, heating length: 450±10mm, Dry process: 250℃/1Hr, energization time:30Min

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